Collection n°3 

Madame Melon collection Guatemaya

Having returned from Guatemala, MADAME MELON introduces her new GUATEMAYA collection.
Made with fabrics and colours lovingly hunted down, textiles made in cooperatives, meetings and stories, South American colours burst before your eyes in this collection. Discover the rich, colourful symbolism of a world view.
Family-embroidered Huipils in the tradition of Maya women rub shoulders with leather, turquoises, onyx, coral, fine gold chains, a collection of handmade jewels and accessories.
MADAME MELON pays tribute to arts and crafts, to traditional savoir faire, to Maria and all of those who contributed to the beauty and authenticity of the GUATEMAYA collection. MADAME MELON’s creative process is tainted with a sense of equity and valorisation of savoir faire.
Thus, the GUATEMAYA collection is made of unique pieces, limited and numbered editions.
Thanks to AMA cooperative.