fly N.O.A

It’s on the Andean Road that Madame Melon invites you to travel for this new collection.
She takes you from Buenos Aires to Peru passing by the North west of Argentina.

The Kollas, Quechua and Aymara people open up their doors to their textile secrets often well kept.
The well-known Puyos sheep wool made on a weaving loom and dyed naturally meets the Argentinean leather.
Llama wool, weaves and embroideries blend with brass chains bathed in fine gold.
The alpaca (Argentinian metal) envelopes colorful Aguayos giving rise to a unique style of jewelry.

From the Puyos of northwest Argentina to the shamanic embroidery of the Amazon through the Peruvian Ikat weaves,
this collection is a real travel diary showing unique handmade pieces full of stories.
This chic and ethnic collection invites you in Madame Melon’s road trip.
Have a lovely trip!

Thank you to the Buenos Aires & Parisian team, to Arte y Esperanza Association, to the cooperative Manos Andinas, and my workshop in Buenos Aires. A heartfelt thank you to all communities met during my travel to Argentina