MADAME MELON falls in love for PARAISO HAND MADE, ethical brand that offers the famous mochilas handmade by Wayuu women in northern Colombia Size: 28/37 cm – Strap: 104 * 7 cm

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Hand Made Paraiso offers the famous mochila handmade by Wayuu women in northern Colombia. Paraiso Hand Made selects unique items without going through any intermediary.

The bags that the brand offers are produced and purchased directly in the villages of the Wayuu indigenous communities of the Caribbean coast in Colombia then sent to France, ensuring indigenous tribes fair margins.

Each bag is entirely handmade and requires 20 to 40 hours to complete. Each symbol represents a history, a way of thinking, a clean custom Indigenous tribes. This is what makes each bag unique. They are 100% original, 100% carefully handcrafted in 100% cotton yarn. A mochila is careful a lifetime.

The mochila is a symbol of Colombian cultural heritage.

Each woman Wayuu prints feelings and thoughts in it, which makes every single piece of artistic and cultural value very rich.

Size: 28/37 cm – Strap: 104 * 7 cm


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