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About Madame Melon

Welcome to MADAME MELON, ethical and responsible brand of jewellery and accessories.

Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe: we travel all over the world to work with artisans and create unique and ethical collections.

Our history

Discover our history, our commitments and our artisans to learn more about us.

Madame Melon was founded by Melody, a travel and craft enthusiast. After studying textiles in Paris, she became fascinated by the traditions and skills she discovered during her many trips to Latin America, Africa and Asia, and she immediately knew that she had to bring them back in her suitcase to share them with as many people as possible.

During her travels, Madame Melon learned to create unique pieces from local artisans, and to transpose ancestral and unknown manufacturing techniques into her jewelry and accessories.

Madame Melon also selects favourite pieces, jewels, clothes and fashion accessories that tell a story... that of its craftsman, that of its culture.

We wish to preserve values such as the safeguarding of ancestral traditions, the independence of craftswomen, the protection of the environment and the fight against slavery.

Later, She decide to open her own shop in Barcelona where she also distributes other independent brands with the same ethical approach and valuing slow fashion.

Our commitments: tradition and valorization of women artisans


Aesthetics and ethics are at the heart of our concerns.

We travel in search of the textile know-how of artisans around the world to create unique pieces that combine aesthetics and ethics.

Each Madame Melon accessory is unique and incorporates authentic fabric hand-woven by women's artisan cooperatives in every country we travel to, before being assembled in our leather goods workshops and finished in our workshop in Barcelona.

Madame Melon seeks to preserve ancestral know-how and therefore uses mostly ancient fabrics, made of woven wool and dyed with natural pigments.

We also value the work of women artisans around the world by creating unique pieces full of stories.

We donate 5% of each sale to an association working for the emancipation of women and aiming to maintain their craft knowledge or to an association on ecology.

We change each quarter to allow several associations to benefit from benefit from a help.

Thinking fashion differently

Madame Melon is a slow fashion brand that respects traditions, human work and the planet. We promote a reasoned fashion, which highlights the know-how of the whole world and gives a voice to remote artisan communities.

We are against fast-fashion, which appropriates the ethnic motifs of certain communities, without any recognition of their origins and which respects neither the environment nor the human condition.

For women artisans in every country, textiles are their only source of income, so selling their art is the best way to optimize their income and improve their living conditions.

Our conviction is to create beautiful and ethical fashion accessories, while allowing you to discover other cultures of the world.

Our artisans


For us, ethics is more than a label, it is the way we behave.

We have decided to be honest and transparent with our artisans and our customers about our process.

All our products are unique and come from different countries around the world. They are locally handcrafted by our artisans who represent entire families and have passed down their skills for generations. We are committed to showcasing their products to an international market by celebrating their own cultural practices while respecting a fair price for them.

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