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Come with us on the road to the Andes with our collection of ethnic bags and jewelry INTI.

The INTI collection, which means sun in Quechua, takes you from Buenos Aires to Bolivia through the north west of Argentina for its new accessories.

We went to meet the KOLLAS, QUECHUAS AND AYMARAS peoples to discover their well kept textile secrets and to create a collection of ethnic bags and jewels paying tribute to their traditions.

Sheep wool, llama wool, alpaca (Argentinian metal), shamanic embroideries: our handmade ethnic jewellery and bags are adorned with the most beautiful natural fabrics, weavings, embroideries to give fine and delicate pieces, with unique looks.

This collection is a real travel book illustrated with unique pieces, handmade, and full of stories.
A chic and ethnic collection that invites you in its road trip in Argentina.

Thanks to all the technical team in Buenos Aires and Paris, to the association Arte y Esperanzaassociation, to the Manos Andinascooperative, to all the communities I met during my trip and to my workshop in Buenos Aires.
Thanks to Mauviette tattoo for her ephemeral tattoos and to Amantanie for her headbands during the shooting.

Have a nice trip in Argentina !