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Our new collection MADE IN BARCELONA was born from the fact that we could not go back on the road to meet the craftsmen of the world due to the pandemic and my terrible accident... Faced with this, but with the desire to create a new collection, we had to adapt to the current situation.

MADE IN BARCELONA is a tribute to our city and its human mix.
This collection is based on the idea of an ethical product, with recycled materials such as our fabric scraps from all our travels, but also from the end of stock of large factories in Barcelona.

Our philosophy is to act fairly, that's why we chose to collaborate with the TOP MANTA collective for the making of our accessories.
TOP MANTA is an association of Senegalese migrants who have fled their country and created their own clothing brand and union here in Barcelona.
For our jewels, we decided to create amulets with semi precious stones and Indian medals, these small grey gri will be perfect to protect you from bad waves!

Go here to discover the collection.

Have a nice trip!