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Discover our AMAZIGH collection, a collection of Berber jewelry and clutches and bags inspired by our trip to Morocco .

After having travelled through Senegal, we crossed Morocco to discover the crafts and the people who make them, as always.
We were amazed by the beauty of the Berber jewels, combining marvelously silver, coral, amber, turquoise and lapis lazuli....
But also amazed by the beauty of Kilims, these ancient carpets woven by Berber women.
They represent the memory and identity of the people who weave them.
Each tribe has its own style and their patterns are a form of symbolic writing inherited from ancient shamanist cultures.
So we decided to pay tribute to Berber women by revisiting these classics of Berber culture in our new collection: AMAZIGH.

You can discover the AMAZIGH products created from textiles, precious stones and Moroccan artisanal and responsible manufacturing techniques, through our different sections (jewellery, bags etc...)
Have a good trip!