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Welcome to Senegal with our collection of locally created and responsible Wax fabric clothing called TERANGA .
After Latin America, Vietnam, direction Senegal. What a beautiful discovery!

Senegal is inspiring because of its colors, its landscapes, its bissap juice, its baobabs, its intoxicating music, its colored fabrics more beautiful than the others....
But above all, it is the Senegalese hospitality that touched our hearts...
It is called the TERANGA.
That's why we decided to call this collection TERANGA, which inspires joie de vivre and pays tribute to Senegal and its people and traditions.

In the TERANGA clothing collection, wax has pride of place and
hair garments and accessories are added to the jewellery and clutches for the first time on Madame Melon!

So enjoy sipping a bissap juice on a kora background!
Have a nice trip!

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