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Collection: Guatemala

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Welcome to Guatemala, land of the Maya. Discover the rich and colourful symbolism of the Mayan cosmovision, through exclusive handmade pouches signed by Madame Melon.

Madame Melon pouches created in Guatemala are all made from huipils, the traditional embroidered and woven garments worn by Mayan women in their families. Madame Melon clutches are made using the brocade technique, a laborious and ancestral hand weaving. Tejido a mano", in Spanish, is made with a loom to weave the textile and then embellish the top with a traditional pattern. This gives an aesthetically stunning result and a unique dimension to our limited edition Madame Melon pouches.

The Guatemala collection is a real tribute to the craftsmanship and traditional knowledge of Guatemala, and a sincere tribute to Maria, who accompanied us during our stay in the cooperative and opened the doors of her house to tell us the history of her people.

Some of the sleeves are no longer available, but we'll go back soon to work with them on a next collection

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