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Fashion sourcing from artisans and small producers

Are you dreaming of a beautiful textile piece or a particular piece of jewellery from a region of the world where you have not yet travelled? We are here to source the most beautiful pieces for you directly from the artisans.

How does sourcing work for Madame Melon?

To create our responsible textile jewellery and accessories collections, we travel the world to source the most beautiful materials, and create pieces in the heart of local communities with their know-how and local production techniques (weaving, dyeing, engraving...).

During our travels, we are close to the artisans, and can buy ethical textile and fashion pieces for you. They can be already produced by the artisans, or custom made according to your needs.

What are the advantages of sourcing with Madame Melon?

Madame Melon favours ethical, human and eco-responsible fashion. With us, you have the guarantee of a reasonable sourcing, which preserves the traditional manufacturing processes of the craftsmen and pays them a fair price.

Our team liaises between you and our artisans in different countries, helping to place bulk orders, customize new designs and overcome language barriers.

Latin America, Asia, Africa, Spain, Europe: Madame Melon travels to all continents in search of the rare pearls.

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