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Ethical tour: close to the world's crafts

Madame Melon was born from the love of travel and the discovery of crafts on the 4 continents. We make you travel with our jewels, fashion accessories and clothes designed in an ethical and responsible way... But what if you travel differently and for real?

Do you want a unique cultural experience while travelling ?

With our Ethical Tours, we want to share with you our passion for travel, by taking you to the heart of the craft industry to discover how each craftsman works in each country!

Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Senegal, Morocco, Vietnam.... Madame Melon is about connecting with artisans in regions of the world just waiting to be visited. In addition to being the artisans of our jewelry and accessories, these people and communities are encounters that have marked our journey and with whom we have forged strong ties.

Thanks to our connections with the Hmong, Quechua and Berber communities, for example, we offer authentic opportunities to visit our artisans and discover cultures that are not very accessible to the general public, while respecting their traditions.

Discover the backstage of an ethical and artisanal fashion

The whole point of our "Ethical Tour" is to show you the work and know-how behind a piece of jewellery or a garment inspired by ancestral traditions.

A real tribute to slow fashion and craftsmanship, the Ethical Tour is there to teach you more about a world culture, a particular textile or jewellery manufacturing process, and to bring you closer to the local communities!

Contact us for an unforgettable immersion in the country of your choice. We offer weaving courses, seminars on natural dyeing, and home stays with local people for a total immersion!

Project in progress ! Stay tuned !